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TzarLive is about to die!

File :: 30.10.2015, 11:17
Tzar: The Burden of The Crown FULL

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Tzar: Ciężar Korony FULL

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TzarLive is about to die!

File :: 30.09.2015, 18:24
Tzar: The Burden of The Crown FULL

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Tzar Widescreen patch beta version finished!!!

Tzar Discussion

Other Tzar Sites
17.01.2010, 14:11; Edgaras
I've decided to browse for other sites about this game. Here is what I found:

Official sites: - Developer's site. - Spanish publisher. - Russian publisher.

Fansites: - not active polish Tzar forum. - polish Tzar fansite. Seems like many links doesnt work there. - Czech site for Tzar.
Clan FT - Spanish Tzar clan "FT".
Clan Tdt - Spanish Tzar clan "Tdt".
Clan Underground - Spanish Tzar clan "Underground". - Spanish Tzar clan "Dor" site. - small Spanish database of stuff, related to Tzar.
Planeta Tzar - Spanish Tzar fansite. - Spanish Tzar forum. - Allianse Thor: Spanish website for Tzar.
CLaN CM - Old Spanish Tzar Clan website.
ClanFX - Old Spanish Tzar Clan website. - Old spanish Tzar fansite. - Spanish fansite for presenting Tzar.
HonorTzar - very old spanish Tzar Clan. - polish forum. - polish forum (not as active as previous one) (polish) (polish) - Polish/english website about Tzar online. (polish) - Polish Tzar Tournament 2007 - Replays and Screenshots of Tzar (polish) - very poor polish website about Tzar. - A site for ranking Tzar players in Poland. (spanish). (bulgarian). - extremely poor Bulgarian forum for Tzar. - Spanish Tzar fansite. - Poor bulgarian forum. - Bulgarian Tzar Maps storage. (bulgarian). - Slovakian Tzar fansite. - Chinese Tzar fansite. - A spanish website for a network tool Tzar Communicator. English and russian translations also exist. - Spanish Tzar-Stuff Storage. - Spanish Tzar maps storage. - Spanish Tzar maps storage. - Spanish Tzar clan "Clan Rey". - additional database of the "Clan Rey". - Polish Tzar fansite. - Some links to Polish Tzar sites. - some Tzar files, related mostly with 1.13a patch.
Tzar Total - Spanish website for Tzar. Nicely created, but derelict.

Tzar at games portals:

19.01.2010, 16:43; domenique
i don't think you should say 'poor' about a competitor site, it's just... not nice ;)
19.01.2010, 17:11; Edgaras
Edited 2 time(s). Last edited: 19.01.2010, 17:13 by Edgaras
Are you talking about They were trying to be a complete website for Tzar, not only for competitions. They revealed, that their website is even better place for Tzar players than TzarLive is.

So, I keep in my mind, that that site is fully applied for Tzar players and it only means it is poor.
24.01.2010, 06:11; hekas
Crash was very angry about it. Now I dont know.
24.01.2010, 07:28; Edgaras
He is already banned from this site. So, I guess, it doesn't matter how he feels like.
04.02.2010, 13:47; domenique
Tzar players are small enough not to get at each other but to try and be a friendly as possible. But yea, I guess poor really describes it :D.
14.02.2010, 16:15; Edgaras
Edited 3 time(s). Last edited: 15.02.2010, 19:13 by Edgaras
Well, I am sorry, but he mentioned many times, that he would like to hack this site with a huge pleasure. The good side of the matter is that it looks like he is a noob in programming; by the way - very cocky noob.

I think it is really fair, that he is not allowed to use resources of TzarLive. I would recommend him firstly to do something good to this website. To say I am sorry is not enough to prove his good willings
17.02.2010, 03:29; hekas
I agree to you 150% Edgaras :)
22.02.2010, 21:53; domenique
Ah, people these days :D
  • 15.11.2015, 14:34 FsilvA:
  • tzar free

  • 13.11.2015, 11:26 VijayVishwakarma:
  • My Hamachi server for Tzar English is user ID: KarmaTzar Password : 123

  • 21.09.2015, 00:13 Bulgarian:
  • Here is an example screenshot to show you. I have FORCED windowed mode, just to show you the actual game resolution compared to my desktop resolution:

  • 21.09.2015, 00:06 Bulgarian:
  • Hello! game is small both in menus and ingame. The only resolutions I can choose from in the Tzar Configuration (Tzar Setup) are as follows: 800x600 and 1024x768! My default OS resolution and resolution for all of my other games is 1280x1024. I am using GOG version, 1.10.

  • 20.09.2015, 19:39 Edgaras:
  • Your game screen may look small when browsing menus, but it should be fine when playing. Most of us are using v1.10

  • 19.09.2015, 19:58 Bulgarian:
  • Another question I have: HPw can iset the game to 1280x1024 resolution? right now the game takes only small aprt of the middle of my screen!!! Please help!

  • 19.09.2015, 18:51 Bulgarian:
  • Hello guys when do you play which version? do you use tunngle or what? ??


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