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TzarLive is back!

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Spanish European Style

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Tzar: The Burden of The Crown FULL

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TzarLive is back!

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10 Secrets Defensive Players Don't Want You to Know

Tzar Discussion

Other Tzar Sites
17.01.2010, 14:11; Edgaras
I've decided to browse for other sites about this game. Here is what I found:

Official sites: - Developer's site. - Spanish publisher. - Russian publisher.

Fansites: - not active polish Tzar forum. - polish Tzar fansite. Seems like many links doesnt work there. - Czech site for Tzar.
Clan FT - Spanish Tzar clan "FT".
Clan Tdt - Spanish Tzar clan "Tdt".
Clan Underground - Spanish Tzar clan "Underground". - Spanish Tzar clan "Dor" site. - small Spanish database of stuff, related to Tzar.
Planeta Tzar - Spanish Tzar fansite. - Spanish Tzar forum. - Allianse Thor: Spanish website for Tzar.
CLaN CM - Old Spanish Tzar Clan website.
ClanFX - Old Spanish Tzar Clan website. - Old spanish Tzar fansite. - Spanish fansite for presenting Tzar.
HonorTzar - very old spanish Tzar Clan. - polish forum. - polish forum (not as active as previous one) (polish) (polish) - Polish/english website about Tzar online. (polish) - Polish Tzar Tournament 2007 - Replays and Screenshots of Tzar (polish) - very poor polish website about Tzar. - A site for ranking Tzar players in Poland. (spanish). (bulgarian). - extremely poor Bulgarian forum for Tzar. - Spanish Tzar fansite. - Poor bulgarian forum. - Bulgarian Tzar Maps storage. (bulgarian). - Slovakian Tzar fansite. - Chinese Tzar fansite. - A spanish website for a network tool Tzar Communicator. English and russian translations also exist. - Spanish Tzar-Stuff Storage. - Spanish Tzar maps storage. - Spanish Tzar maps storage. - Spanish Tzar clan "Clan Rey". - additional database of the "Clan Rey". - Polish Tzar fansite. - Some links to Polish Tzar sites. - some Tzar files, related mostly with 1.13a patch.
Tzar Total - Spanish website for Tzar. Nicely created, but derelict.

Tzar at games portals:

19.01.2010, 16:43; domenique
i don't think you should say 'poor' about a competitor site, it's just... not nice ;)
19.01.2010, 17:11; Edgaras
Edited 2 time(s). Last edited: 19.01.2010, 17:13 by Edgaras
Are you talking about They were trying to be a complete website for Tzar, not only for competitions. They revealed, that their website is even better place for Tzar players than TzarLive is.

So, I keep in my mind, that that site is fully applied for Tzar players and it only means it is poor.
24.01.2010, 06:11; hekas
Crash was very angry about it. Now I dont know.
24.01.2010, 07:28; Edgaras
He is already banned from this site. So, I guess, it doesn't matter how he feels like.
04.02.2010, 13:47; domenique
Tzar players are small enough not to get at each other but to try and be a friendly as possible. But yea, I guess poor really describes it :D.
14.02.2010, 16:15; Edgaras
Edited 3 time(s). Last edited: 15.02.2010, 19:13 by Edgaras
Well, I am sorry, but he mentioned many times, that he would like to hack this site with a huge pleasure. The good side of the matter is that it looks like he is a noob in programming; by the way - very cocky noob.

I think it is really fair, that he is not allowed to use resources of TzarLive. I would recommend him firstly to do something good to this website. To say I am sorry is not enough to prove his good willings
17.02.2010, 03:29; hekas
I agree to you 150% Edgaras :)
22.02.2010, 21:53; domenique
Ah, people these days :D
  • 20.04.2014, 04:20 pyroman:
  • hey hey im new here, been lookkini for this game forever :P so glad i found it here, hope it works!!!

  • 19.04.2014, 09:05 Gora:
  • Hello I find some friends whith I play tzar on GameRanger... so come everyone tzar still alive.

  • 25.03.2014, 23:43 Edgaras:
  • hekas is da best! :D Well, he was at least

  • 25.03.2014, 15:34 » Minimal «:
  • I can say who's the worst player ever, he's called Winner.

  • 23.03.2014, 21:17 » Minimal «:
  • Hey Juice, i am just curious, who's the bulgarian guy who you think is the best of all time, and do you have any information about the nickname of any player in the past?

  • 14.03.2014, 14:26 SPR«±»Elessar:
  • Juice, there were some good Bulgarian players, it's true, but they were just average compared to the best players of the spanish community. The most experienced ones were the players of the clan Dor, Spr, Conde y Dk. Only Spr and Conde clans still play.

  • 07.03.2014, 22:11 vidmantasr5:
  • What I think? i think im hungry now :D


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